Job Shadowing Experience

While job shadowing, a process in which a student follows someone that works in the career field they are interested in, may seem like a important aspect in a students high school career. My personal opinion is that this graduation requirement can be changed for better for students to come.

The basic principles of the job shadowing experience are a great tool to students that have an interest in the field of work they wish to enter. However, some argue that without a certain interest, job shadowing is just another useless assignment tacked on as a graduation requirement for the “betterment” of the school’s students. labeling this as a graduation requirement for sophomores almost immediately sucks all the enjoyment the experience is supposed to offer. Teachers and counselors make unnecessary restrictions such as not allowing the student to shadow someone living in their home, time requirements and pointless worksheets with bland questions that break the experience of following someone doing what you may or may not love to do.

Changing the job shadowing experience from a mind numbing workload in order to graduate into a English assignment that it already is will bring the excitement and opportunities it is supposed to give to students. Not all students will want to experience job shadowing and forcing them to will only grow for the disapproval of this educational opportunity, but giving the students that are interested freedom to explore multiple options will greatly help further what the job shadowing experience is supposed to be.

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