Job Shadowing Presentation Reflection

My job shadowing presentation helped me in great ways by allowing me to look at what decisions I would have to make in order to become what I wish to be. Overall, I thought my presentation went well as I explained and elaborated on all of the necessary slides in order to achieve the overall score I wanted. Some techniques I use is pretending to be talking with a friend about my presentation as a way to help last minutes nerves and struggles during the presentation. Another strategy I use is pointing out one person in the crowd and making eye contact solely with them to block out everyone else if it happens to be a large crowd. Something I could have done differently is to bring notes to help the flow of the presentation and make transitions easier.

I wish I would have brought notes since it would give me specifics for elaboration on certain slides that needed it.  If I could do my presentation over again, I wouldn’t have made my slides has short as they were. The easiest part of my presentation was actually getting up and doing my presentation. I think my slides and techniques help me go through my presentation with minimal effort. The hardest part of my presentation was elaborating on certain slides since I didn’t have any notes with me and needed to think of stuff off-hand to explain my slides.

Now that I have reflected on my presentation; I think that I had done a good enough job that will allow me to get a score that I would be satisfied with. With this reflection and how I did on my actual presentation, I think that I had done the required sections of my presentation and should deserve an exceptional grade for the work that I had put in for myself.


Student Mock Interviews

1. Being the one interviewing someone was a very different experience then the other way around. Instead of of worrying about the minor and small details, you are the one checking and looking for them which makes it alot more enjoyable for me.

2. I would be nervous about the little things I could be doing wrong and making sure I could pedict questions and respond to them in a positive way.

3. I felt my responses with thought provoking and were different then the run of the mill answers others would put in to get to the next question.

4. My advice would to become an expert in the company you are applying to interview to have an intelligent conversation with the employer, as well as knowing responses for questions that you know will be asked.

5. If I were to go into a real interview I think I would be prepared enough to make a profound impact that would help me get a job. I would avoid simple 1 sentence answers as much as possible and elaborate on what the employer had asked me.

6. Mock interviews give students as close a feeling to the real thing as possible. Also, they allow students to see things from the employer’s perspective which could help them great.

Nepal Earthquake: People still rescued after 5 days in rubble

(Link: BBC News: Nepal Earthquake)

After being trapped under thousands of pounds of rubble for 5 days as a result of the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake, 2 people have been saved by aid workers working around the clock in order to save them. Saturday’s earthquake in Nepal had crumpled ancient and modern structures throughout the country, leaving aid workers in a panic to save as many people as possible. A 15 year old boy was pulled out after being trapped in a hole smaller than a coffin, aid workers from multiple countries working for hours to clear a path to free him. The boy survived by drinking water from wet clothes, and eating butter that he had found near him. Elsewhere, a 20 year old woman was dug out by aid workers 8 hours after they had found her. The total death toll has been over 6,000, and estimated to reach over 10,000 over the coming days. Morale has been raised for the aid workers after knowing people may still be alive. Even in desperate times, many people are looking towards the light of the situation. Dozens of countries are sending aid to the worst hit areas of the country has clean up is expected to take years to return to normal. This BBC news article is a good take at a terrible tragedy that has claimed thousands of lives.

How World War 1 Soldiers Relaxed in the Trenches.

There is no worse feeling then the one of frustration and stress, and nothing is more stressful then being under constant threat in war time. During the height of World War 1 in the 1910’s, the majority of the battles were fought using trench warfare. Trench warfare, is slow, brutally long, and especially deadly compared to other types of ways battles can be fought. Armies would muster up men in the farthest trench they had possession of, then run out towards the enemy lying wait. Soldiers would ran across the land between trenches known as “No man’s land” and 2 results were to be expected. Either enough soldiers would make it to the trench to over run the enemy and send them back to their secondary trench, or the enemies defenses were too strong and invading forces would be cut down and forced to retreat back.  This cycle would continue for months, even years without end; the question being how would these soldiers, facing death do to calm themselves down? One minor invention, still produced today can be considered the sole answer, cigarettes.

Cigarettes first came into production around 1880, but were limited in ways to produce them. After the invention of the cigarette making machine, cigarettes became popular in all areas of the world, especially with the soldiers of World War 1. After the war, soldiers returned to their home country with their love and addiction to cigarettes. Cigarettes were deemed healthy, even being promoted by doctors until the late 1950’s.

Cigarettes were only deemed unhealthy after research done by German scientists during World War 2. Their results only spreading across the globe after the downfall the 3rd Reich, which did not release the information across the globe during the war. Today, with new laws banning smoking in almost all pubic areas, cigarette smoking has been cut down drastically. Teens are becoming less likely to start smoking, making it possible that smoking could be eradicated in areas throughout the U.S and the world. Yet, even today some people can’t resist the relaxing power of lighting up a cigarette after a stressful day’s work.

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60 Second Shakespeare Reflection

Over the past few weeks, my English 2 class has been reading and watching the Shakespearean Drama Twelfth Night.  Upon finishing the play, every student was put into a group and given a specific act in the play to act out in 60 seconds. Everyone in my group was very creative in drawing out the quick and witty lines that we had to fit in for the final act in the play. Since our group had the 5th and final act of the play, we needed to fit a lot of important content in and condense it to be as quick as possible. We decided to hint at the little details and focus on the major parts of the ending.

As the day of our presentation came, we were able to practice a bit more on our lines while also mixing and matching roles to make it flow better. We also had the privilege of watching everyone else before we went on, allowing us to change some parts that needed changing. Our performance, as much as we planned, seemed to last only a split second before we finished and returned to our desks. Surprisingly, we all managed to break the 60 second mark and get one of the highest grades in the class. Overall, I had hoped for more time on practicing, but we managed to use the time we were given efficiently and in turn being able to give out a good presentation.


Joliet West GI- Maleficent

For the 2014-2015 school year, the Drama Club at Joliet West High School has made a GI (group interpretation) of the well known story “Maleficent”. A group interpretation is a special type of performance made for the sole purpose of competition. Actors all wear the same clothing, props are banned along with off stages sound effects and music. The actors must use their bodies and work together to making the plain looking stage come alive as if the stage were decorated with props and scenery. A great creative skill is needed for the director to make use of what little is given to them. As I watched the performance, which is no more than 30 minutes, move along, I was surprised to see such professionalism and passion showed by all of the 15 high school students on stage. It almost seemed like I had gone to an actual theater to see a short. Overall, I was very impressed by what I saw and they greatly deserve the awards they were given as they used this performance in competition. I can’t wait to see what the people behind this work on next year, and how they will make an even greater performance than this years, Maleficent.

Job Shadowing Experience

While job shadowing, a process in which a student follows someone that works in the career field they are interested in, may seem like a important aspect in a students high school career. My personal opinion is that this graduation requirement can be changed for better for students to come.

The basic principles of the job shadowing experience are a great tool to students that have an interest in the field of work they wish to enter. However, some argue that without a certain interest, job shadowing is just another useless assignment tacked on as a graduation requirement for the “betterment” of the school’s students. labeling this as a graduation requirement for sophomores almost immediately sucks all the enjoyment the experience is supposed to offer. Teachers and counselors make unnecessary restrictions such as not allowing the student to shadow someone living in their home, time requirements and pointless worksheets with bland questions that break the experience of following someone doing what you may or may not love to do.

Changing the job shadowing experience from a mind numbing workload in order to graduate into a English assignment that it already is will bring the excitement and opportunities it is supposed to give to students. Not all students will want to experience job shadowing and forcing them to will only grow for the disapproval of this educational opportunity, but giving the students that are interested freedom to explore multiple options will greatly help further what the job shadowing experience is supposed to be.

High School Advice for Upcoming Students

In middle school, the idea of high school can seem like an overwhelming experience. Leaving the school and all the teachers you’ve come to know to a place with different teachers, work, and all sorts of new people. A few simple steps and actions can help any new student adjust and thrive in high school.

Step 1- Make Friends: However simple this may seem to be, having friends in school is the pinnacle of your high school experience. Some of your middle school friends may have left to different high schools, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be alone for the next 4 years of your life. Be sure to make friends in all of your different classes you’ll have, it will make it much easier to get though the day when you have someone to talk to and work with.

Step 2- Teachers don’t have to hate you: A common misconception in high school is that you will not share the same bonds you have with your high school students. While it may be true in some cases, this doesn’t mean your teachers don’t want anything to do with you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to talk about personal issues, it’s part of their job to make sure you succeed.

Step 3-Join a club your interested in: In high school, early on it is easy to see that there is a club for almost everything imaginable. It may be appealing to join the “popular” clubs or sports that everyone does, but if your heart is not in it then there is no reason to continue something that you have no interested in. Whether it is band, anime club or even heavy metal, don’t feel embarrassed to do something your interested in.

These 3 simple steps can turn the reality of high school life from hell to heaven, for everyone willing to follow their interests and heart.